Actone Records

Actone Records required a classical style that was not too contemporary, to represent their British Jazz dominance.

The redesigned website was also re-coded to accommodate more current web standards, such as a responsive design infrastructure. Now the website will re-size to fit any hand held device perfectly, removing the tedious task of zooming in and out, or scrolling continuously from left to right on any given page.

Also the latest web standard HTML 5 features were used to imbed audio players for track samples. This allows compatibility with any Operating System, as well as the different browser types viewing the sites pages.

WebSheen is excellent in all respects, very helpful to its clients. I recommend them to all who need I.T work done.

Don Burrell

  • Date: 04/02/2013
  • Skills: jQuery, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Photoshop, Social Media Integration
  • Client: Actone Records Ltd