Exquisite Creations

Websheen explored a number of different design directions in close collaboration with Exquisite Creations. The focus was all about the nails, from the logo right to the menu system, resulting in an elegant, bold, and confident design with a touch of sheen.

The Exquisite Creations team and I worked closely throughout the project, the hand-off and deployment process went very smoothly, beating the deadlines and resulting in a website that was delivered on time and on budget.


Karmel has a commitment to excellence in his work, and honesty and friendliness to all those around him. He is extremely positive, and it shows in his work. It was truly a privilege to have Karmel on board with us.


  • Date: 04/02/2013
  • Skills: CSS, HTML, Flash, Photoshop
  • Client: Exquisite Creations