Hiring a freelancer

I have been a freelance web designer since 2000, and have helped launch many start up businesses to flourish.
The internet and web design have changed dramatically through these years, and keeping up with all of it has been half the fun.
What makes me an ideal, as well as, unique web designer for your business, is my Diploma in Marketing. This combination of skill-set as well as years of experience allows me to help businesses, new and old, to springboard to success.

The advantages of hiring a freelancer, over design agencies:


  • Unbeatable pricing
  • The job gets done fast
  • Focus will be on your business
  • Contactable all of the time
  • The phone is answered by the designer, and not an account manager


  • Design agencies are expensive
  • Lots of time consuming bureaucratic red tape
  • Design agencies do what is best for ‘the agency’
  • Jump through hoops to get to who you want
  • An impersonal account manager is in charge of you