Ed Wilson Jewellery

Ed wanted full control of content on his website using Content Management System (CMS).
The first goal was to make a CMS that was intuitive for the client, where the editing took place over a live website as opposed to a back-end admin area. This made maintenance both easy and simple to do for the site’s administrators.

Secondly, the site was designed so any amount of editing by the administrators did not impinge on the layout of the site.


Karmel has an outstanding sense of design, and all of the work he produced for me was both engaging and followed best web practice. Karmel personally came up with the entire print and web site design. His knowledge base and design work was top notch.

Ed Wilson

  • Date: 04/02/2013
  • Skills: jQuery, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Photoshop
  • Client: Ed Wilson Jewellery