Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

SEO is an internet marketing technique, driving organic traffic to your website. It’s a method of providing websites with massive exposure across the web by positioning your website in primary positions on search engines. This is achieved by amending a site’s architecture, navigation, and content to make it friendlier for both users and search engines.


Historically, search engine optimisation has been perceived as a dark art. Google are simply trying to satisfy users and SEO efforts are put in place to make a site as search-engine friendly as possible. An optimised site is pushed up the search engine results page, increasing visibility and therefore traffic. As the way in which search engines work is constantly evolving, it’s important that your site evolves along with these changes. Campaigns can be localised, national or global.


SEO is fundamentally made up of the following steps:

With SEO, it is critical to build credibility into your site through various link building activities. However, this must be treated with caution. Link building is essential but it is incredibly crucial that the links pointing to a website have been fully evaluated and qualified. Mistakes in link building can lead to black listing and search engine ranking plummeting.
SEO efforts are an ongoing refinement process of continually adapting and refining your site, building rankings and monitoring performance of the efforts made daily to improve your website. Essentially, SEO performance is tracked by results, so effective tracking solutions such as Google Analytics are a must for understanding how your website is helping to grow your business.